Wholesale Flowers In Scotland

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Established in 1969, we're proud to offer our retail partners a wide range of mainstream and exotic flowers and foliage of the very highest quality, sourced worldwide to ensure variety, choice and value for money. By combining state of the art stock and communication systems with modern management techniques, orders are delivered in perfect condition on time, every time.

Wholesale Flowers In Scotland

A vibrant company run by an enthusiastic team, at James Taylor Flowers we specialise in supplying resellers with a wide variety of freshly cut mainstream and exotic flowers, as well as a selection of foliages from around the world.

Not only do we source our produce from countries like Thailand, Ecuador, Columbia and Israel, with a great deal of our foliage arriving from Italy, we have our own buyers at auctions in Holland securing the highest quality of fresh produce. We also stock a variety of produce from closer to home from our selection of British growers. In addition to our flowers and foliage, we are also pleased to stock a full range of sundries for all occasions, including a variety of glassware and packaging options.

We're confident that we provide our partners with the very best variety, quality and value for money: not only are we committed to sourcing the highest quality of produce available, we have a good relationship with our own suppliers who ensure that our high standards are never compromised.

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To ensure that the quality of our produce remains the best available, our fully modernised warehousing is also fully equipped to handle and care for flowers in any kind of weather. Our experienced and highly trained staff all have thorough product knowledge and are always happy to give advice on quality and availability, and our unique state of the art ordering, stock control and communication systems consistently ensure that orders are delivered not only in top quality condition, but within all necessary timescales. Our Cash and Carry Wholesale premises are open 6 days a week for your convenience, meaning that we'll always be here when you need us - and the first people you think of in those critical situations!

Our fleet of vans deliver from Monday to Saturday, without charge for orders over £100, providing fresh flowers for our customers four times a week. In addition, we also have the ability to fulfill last minute requests with just one hour's notice. To make life easier for our retail partners, we complement our standard service with a Keyhole Delivery service, ensuring that orders are delivered directly to stores or premises before opening for business - and in many cases, before our customers

have even arrived!

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